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Turner Performance Rim Lock / Valve Stem Kit

Turner Performance Rim Lock / Valve Stem Kit

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Turner produces the rim lock/valve stem kit to enhance the look of your motorcycle with trick colors as well as the durable function of keeping your tire securely on your rim.

  • An anodized finish gives a cool look that is scratch resistant for great durability.
  • To prevent corrosion, the kit features a closed-nut seal which keeps out mud and moisture keeping your rim lock threads safe for increased durability.
  • By adding the rim lock spacers, you prevent the stress cracks on your rims that come with riding hard.
  • Constructed to offer the best performance available, the valve stems are made with O-ring seals to keep debris out and a snug fit to give your valve stems protection, and a sweet look.
  • To offer the best style and look available, the kit is color matched as a kit so that you won't have mismatched colors on your wheels.
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